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My name is Pete and oldertube I want to tell a true story that happened last year. I'm a vendor of IT and for a new job as regional sales manager. My future employer wanted to conduct interviews in a hotel that was some distance from my house, but decided to put myself in the evening after the interview. I was the only interviewee after the interview and was on my own left for dinner. I could see that there is a group of three couples, of course, holding another guy's birthday table. Things seemed oldertube a bit between man and his wife, but I think that anything hot, and after dinner went around the room for coffee. The group arrived shortly afterwards and sat down. It was obvious from the body language, things get a little tense between this man and his wife were in progress and soon, great style. had enough, so I thought I was going to bed and left the room. I just went in the elevator when the wife ofPair fell out of the room crying and got into the elevator with me. I felt a little embarrassed and asked if he was okay. She sobbed I was excited (as if that was not obvious). I asked if they want me to come in my room for coffee, instead of returning to his room on his own. She agreed oldertube and we went to my room. I have to say I thought she was beautiful, about 35 and a great figure. He wore a black lowish cut dress sandals beautiful and sexy black, but I do not think this way. When we returned to the room, sat on the bed and made me coffee before settling into a chair. We talked and she said her husband always go to her and she was tired. After a few minutes she was still angry and she asked me to sit beside her and put my arm around her, which I did. He thanked me and said it oldertube was beautiful, hand on my thigh. Out of breath, he turned to me and kissed me ( it went ) anddrew his hand on my cock, unzipped his fly and slipped into his hand. At this point, I was very hot and began his beautiful braless breasts through the fabric of her dress, massage, before falling strips down and locked my mouth on her little nipples big. I soon had my cock oldertube and rub gently, and then got up and dropped the dress to the floor, revealing a black thong barely covered her pussy diamond. She had her thong to reveal a sexy shaved pussy that strategically placed in front of my mouth - well, because who could resist. was obviously right around and soon asked me to put the cock in her wet hole. We took a climax almost continuously together, before falling in a heap. ove the next few hours we caught twice before falling asleep. A The oldertube next morning he was gone, oldertube but when I went down to breakfast, went to their peers with her ​​boyfriend and other meetings. She looked over and gave me a signmouthing 'thank you'. Do not do the job, but the interview was worth it !
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